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Greatest Hits - Andy Gibb (1991)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. Man On Fire
2. I Just Want To Be Your Everything
3. (Love Is) Thicker Than Water
4. Flowing Rivers
5. Shadow Dancing
6. An Everlasting Love
7. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
8. Desire
9. After Dark
10. I Can't Help It
11. Time Is Time
12. Me (Without You)

by Nicholas James

Three years after his death, Andy's brothers - Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb - assembled this greatest hits compilation in his memory. And it is a rather good compilation. It has all the hits, from 'I Just Want To Be Your Everything' to 'An Everlasting Love'. It includes some choice album tracks, including 'Flowing Rivers' from the album of the same name and 'After Dark' from...erm...the album of the same name.

But two things bring this album alive and make it worth buying. Firstly, two songs from Andy's original vinyl Greatest Hits album from 1981 are included, the first time they have been made available on CD. 'Time Is Time', written by Andy and Barry Gibb is a sort of forerunner to 'He's A Liar' and Andy's own composition, 'Me (Without You)', is a ballad that gradually builds from a gentle vocal to a powerful display of Andy's undoubted vocal agility (something that, for various reasons, he did not display on his last album, After Dark). But the real highlight is the first track, 'Man On Fire'. Composed by Barry, Andy and Maurice Gibb, this was to have featured on the new album that Andy was recording in 1988, just before his untimely death at the age of 30. It is clear from listening to the track that it is a demo, but Barry, Robin and Maurice did a nice job of cleaning it up for release in 1991. The song itself would not have set the world on fire, but it builds to a rousing chorus, and is sadly the only taster we get of the unmade 1988 Andy Gibb album.

Looking back at Andy's career, it is obvious that he was a talented guy. But he lived under the shadow of his more famous brothers, both personally and musically it seems. It is difficult to know where Andy Gibb's career would have taken him, had he not tragically died just days after his 30th birthday, as his short career was so much under the guidance of big brother Barry. Take Barry out of the equation and what would Andy Gibb have been? Whether he would have broken out of the Bee Gees sound and developed into an artist with his own unique style, we will of course never know. The real likelihopod is that brother Barry would never have been far away (just look at who composed 'Man On Fire' if you need evidence of that), and it is fairly likely that he would have eventually become a Bee Gee himself. But, whatever the future would have held for Andy, this album is a great way of discovering the music that he did produce in his few short years as a recording artist.

Why Buy Andy Gibb's Greatest Hits?

For the two bonus tracks from his 1981 Greatest Hits album, and to hear the demo from his 1988 album, which he would not live to complete.