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The Bee Gees Songbook - Various Artists (2004)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. If I Can't Have You - Yvonne Elliman
2. An Everlasting Love - Andy Gibb
3. Heartbreaker - Dionne Warwick
4. Emotion - Samantha Sang
5. Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms - Lulu
6. Give A Hand, Take A Hand - Staple Singers
7. More Than A Woman - Tavares
8. How Can You Mend A Broken heart - Al Green
9. Night Fever - Love Unlimited Orchestra
10. Stayin' Alive - N'Trance Feat Ricardo Da Force
11. You Should Be - Blockster
12. Jive Talkin' - Rufus
13. Nights On Broadway - Tom Jones with Paul Anka
14. How Deep Is Your Love - Michael Ball
15. Words - Boyzone
16. Don't Forget To Remember - Daniel O'Donnell
17. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) - Leo Sayer

by Nicholas James

Bee Gees Songbook is an exquisite collection of classic songs written by the Bee Gees and sung by numerous other artists. The album can be almost split into two: songs written and produced by the Bee Gees for other artists and cover versions of Bee Gees hits.

Dealing with the 'productions' first, the album features the old standards, 'An Everlasting Love' and 'Heartbreaker'. But it also features songs they wrote especially for other artists that are less well-known and often overlooked by fans. A case in point is 'Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms', a Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb composition written for Lulu. Produced by Barry and Maurice Gibb in 1993, it featured on her Independence album, and is a great song, but few fans have come across it. With a beat taken straight out of Phil Collins's 'You Can't Hurry Love', it is an infectious little ditty and shows what the Gibbs might have been doing had they been writing for other artists instead of concentrating on their own careers at this time. The album also features the superb song 'Emotion', written by all three Bee Gees and produced by Barry Gibb back in 1978. Made more famous now by the Destiny's Child cover version, the original is far superior and sounds just like a late 1970s Bee Gees song (is that really Samantha Sang singing, or Barry Gibb?)

The album also features several well-known cover versions from the 1970s ('If I Can't Have You', 'More Than A Woman'), and those from more recent years ('Stayin' Alive' by N'Trance, 'Words' by Boyzone and 'You Should Be' by Blockster). However, again it includes several less well-known tracks. 'Don't Forget To Remember' by Daniel O'Donnell, 'How Deep Is Your Love' by Michael Ball and 'Nights On Broadway' by Tom Jones with Paul Anka are rare tracks that will not be known by most fans.

The best track is probably 'Heart (Stop Beating In Time)' by Leo Sayer. Produced by Arif Mardin, this is a really good track, with one of the most heart-rending melodies you will ever hear, helped along by Leo Sayer's impassioned vocals. The album is worth buying for this song alone.

This compilation is therefore very well considered and comes highly recommended.

Why Buy Bee Gees Songbook?

To hear songs written by the Bee Gees for other artists that you may not have heard before and to hear some very rare cover versions of Bee Gees hits.