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Best of Bee Gees (1973)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
2. I.O.I.O.
3. Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself
4. Melody Fair
5. My World
6. Let There Be Love
7. Saved By The Bell
8. Lonely Days
9. Morning of My Life
10. Don't Forget To Remember
11. And The Sun Will Shine
12. Run To Me
13. Alive

by Nicholas James

With the popularity of the Bee Gees now waning all over the world, their record label decided the time was right for a second Best Of album, following the successful Best of Bee Gees in 1969. Instead of the four albums that the first Best Of had to choose from, this second volume could select songs from the six albums that had subsequently been released between 1970 and 1973.

Unfortunately, there were fewer hits this time round. Therefore, once the album had used up the hits singles from Cucumber Castle, Robin's Reign, 2 Years On, Trafalgar and To Whom It May Concern (Life in a Tin Can did not spawn any hits, so was ignored), they had to spread the net wider. Where could they look for more tracks? The first choice was easy. The hit single 'My World' - an extremely catchy and emotional track in the spirit of 'Run To Me' - had not featured on any album to date, so was understandably included. They also included the song 'Morning Of My Life', a re-recording of one of their early Australian tracks, which had recently been featured in the soundtrack to the film 'Melody'. That was a nice touch, and the inclusion of 'Melody Fair' from Odessa could also be explained by the recent release of 'Melody' (on the soundtrack for which the song featured), even though this track was now four years old and eligible for the first Best Of album.

They then inserted a few album tracks from the aforementioned albums: 'I.O.I.O.' from Cucumber Castle, 'Man For All Seasons' from 2 Years On, 'Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself' from Trafalgar and 'Alive' from To Whom It May Concern. Are you still with me? But the lack of genuine hits available for this album was emphasised by the inclusion of 'And The Sun Will Shine' and 'Let There Be Love', which are from 1967's Horizontal and 1968's Idea respectively.

This is undeniably a nice collection of songs, but this release marked a true low point in the Bee Gees career. Whereas the first Best Of album had charted in the UK Top Ten, this album failed to chart at all.

Thinks looked very bad at this time for the Bee Gees, but help was just around the corner...

Why Buy Best of Bee Gees Vol 2?

Most songs are available on other collections, so one for collectors only.