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Hawks - Barry Gibb (1988)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. System of Love
2. Childhood Days
3. Moonlight Madness
4. My Eternal Love
5. Where Tomorrow Is
6. Celebration de la Vie
7. Chain Reaction (performed by Diana Ross)
8. Cover You
9. Not in Love at All
10. Letting Go

by Nicholas James

1986 was a poor year for Barry Gibb. Following the commercial under-performance of his first solo album, the experimental Now Voyager, MCA declined to release his follow-up album. Of course, in hindsight, it was only a temporary blip as one year later the Bee Gees would release their hugely successful ESP album, featuring the number one smash 'You Win Again', but this had meant that an entire album of Barry Gibb tracks had been left on the shelf to gather dust.

Just as the Bee Gees were returning to the top of the game, Barry had also been working on his first movie. Called 'Hawks', the British film was about two terminally ill guys who decide to spend their final weeks and months living life to the full. The film, which starred current (at the time) James Bond Timothy Dalton and future ER star Anthony Edwards, was from an idea by Barry Gibb and was partly funded by him. Most importantly, it featured several of the tracks that would have been on his unreleased 1986 solo album. This was the perfect excuse for Barry to ensure that his songs finally saw the light of day. The previous album was therefore repackaged as the soundtrack to 'Hawks'. Not every track made it onto the album, though, and some of the tracks that were included on the album did not actually feature in the film at all. He also recorded two new tracks especially for the album, one being the melancholy single 'Childhood Days', one of Barry's finest solo works.

The other tracks are a real mixed bag. There are a couple of wonderful Barry ballads, 'Not In Love At All' and 'My Eternal Love', the latter being a song which, despite its slightly abstract lyrics and indifferent sound quality, is sung in falsetto and sounds to all intents and purposes like an updated late 1970s Bee Gees track.

However, most of the tracks were fairly inaccessible and largely self-indulgent, and now sound very dated. The track 'Celebration De La Vie' is an instrumental and is the theme music from the film, although it is a less satisfying version that actually used in the film itself. The album also features the Diana Ross Gibb-composed hit, 'Chain Reaction', which also features in the film.

This album was only released in the UK and is now very rare. Whilst not featuring Barry Gibb at his best (perhaps that gives some clues as to why it wasn't originally released by MCA), it has some notable tracks and is worth searching out. It would be 30 years before Barry would release another solo album.

Why Buy Hawks?

To discover tracks from Barry's never-released second solo album.