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Here at Last...Bee Gees...Live (1977)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
2. Love So Right
3. Edge Of The Universe
4. Come On Over
5. Can't Keep A Good Man Down
6. New York Mining Disaster 1941
7. Run To Me/My World
8. Holiday/I Can't See Nobody/I Started A Joke/Massachusetts
9. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
10. To Love Somebody
11. You Should Be Dancing
12. Boogie Child
13. Down The Road
14. Words
15. Wind Of Change
16. Nights On Broadway
17. Jive Talkin'
18. Lonely Days

by Nicholas James

The Bee Gees first live album, recorded at The Forum, Los Angeles in 1976, is a highly recommended journey through ten years of the group's history, recorded at a time when the brothers were scaling the heights of pop success gain. It perfectly bridges the gap between the 1960s early hits and the bigger sounds of the 1970s, and shows how well many of their songs translate to a live stage.

The album is at its best when they are performing recent songs, highlights being 'Love So Right', 'Edge Of The Universe' and an extremely long version of 'You Should Be Dancing'. The opening track, 'I've Gotta Get A Message To You', is an energizing update of the 1968 hit, and 'Down The Road', from the overlooked Mr Natural album, is a joy and is perfect in its new live format.

This album really puts the icing on the cake of an era in which the Bee Gees had created such an eclectic body of music, and had ridden the roller coaster of success and failure. At a time when they were just about to conquer the world again, this time with Saturday Night Fever, this album is one last listen to a group that would never be the same again.

Why Buy Here at Last...Live?

It is the Bee Gees first live album. It would be over twenty years until they released another one.