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Number Ones (2004)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. Massachusetts
2. World
3. Words
4. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
5. I Started A Joke
6. Don't Forget To Remember
7. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
8. Jive Talkin'
9. You Should Be Dancing
10. How Deep Is Your Love
11. Stayin' Alive
12. Night Fever
13. Too Much Heaven
14. Tragedy
15. More Than A Woman
16. Love You Inside Out
17. You Win Again
18. Man In The Middle
19. Islands In The Stream
20. Immortality

by Nicholas James

In 2001, Polydor/Universal Music released the definitive Bee Gees retrospective compilation: Their Greatest Hits - The Record. It was a great success, it presented all their major hits in glorious remastered sound, and threw in a few new recordings for good measure. So why, in 2004, just three years later, did the same company release another compilation, this time less complete?

With the exception of 'Man In The Middle', a song co-written, produced and sung by Maurice Gibb from the album This Is Where I Came In (included - quite rightly - as a tribute to the great man), every other song is featured on the 2001 collection. They even have the audacity to include two 'bonus tracks' ('Islands In The Stream' and the demo of 'Immortality') that were also released for he first time on Their Greatest Hits - The Record.

Given that the far superior 2001 collection is still available (albeit only on import at the time of writing), that is a much better buy than this. Taken alone, this album does what it says on the tin, but many of the Bee Gees best hits didn't make number one. I suppose that this album is a cheaper option that Their Greatest Hits - The Record, and that is all there is to commend it.

Of course, with a collection of songs as good as this, it may be pointless, but I would have to be tone deaf to give it any less than 3 stars!

Why Buy Number Ones?

Don't. Buy the far superior and definitive Their Greatest Hits - The Record instead!