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Odessa: Deluxe Edition - Bee Gees (2009)
3 CD Box Set
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by Nicholas James

Now this is a truly spectacular release. You will probably have already read my review of the original CD release of this album, so you will already know that I rank this as one of the best Bee Gees albums of all time, and indeed one of the top two or three experimental albums of all time. Odessa is a sprawling masterpiece where the Gibb brothers were at their most creative and is surely one of the finest recordings in the modern rock era.

The Deluxe Edition is well worth buying for a number of reasons. Firstly, the album has been digitally remastered and the songs are presented here in a crisper, clearer format than ever before. They all sound extremely fresh, better indeed than many of the Bee Gees albums of the 1990s. There is also a separate disc with the original mono version of the album, which has a slightly different mix of some of the songs, with vocals often louder in the mix.

But what really makes this release worth buying for the real hardcore fans is the third disc, which is separately packaged and called Sketches from Odessa. This includes demo versions of all but one of the tracks, sometimes in more than one version, and two previously unreleased tracks: Nobody's Someone and Pity.

The album comes in a felt sleeve, harking back to the original vinyl edition, and features a fold-out poster of the Bee Gees and a booklet with background information on each track.

This is what might be described as an 'event album'. It allows the listener to completely immerse him or herself in possibly the most ambitious project of the Bee Gees career to date.

Why Buy Odessa?

This sprawling masterpiece now has digitally remastered sound, unreleased recordings and demos. An essential album.