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Shadow Dancing - Andy Gibb (1978)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. Shadow Dancing
2. Why
3. Fool For A Night
4. An Everlasting Love
5. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
6. One More Look At The Night
7. Melody
8. I Go For You
9. Good Feeling
10. Waiting For You

by Nicholas James

There are two major differences between Shadow Dancing, Andy Gibb's second album, at the album that preceded it, Flowing Rivers. The first difference is that Andy has eschewed the lightweight country-pop sound that characterised his first album, to be replaced by a general lightweight pop sound, with a strong Bee Gees influence throughout. This album really picks up on the style of music that the Bee Gees were producing at the time, but just a little more laid back and less developmental. The second difference is that Barry plays a bigger part in this album, on this occasion co-writing four songs, twice as many as on Flowing Rivers. But the main similarity with the first album is that the Barry Gibb co-written and produced tracks are generally much stronger than Andy's own compositions. I have therefore dealt with them separately again.

The Barry Gibb tracks are consistently excellent. 'An Everlasting Love' is a distinctive pop track, with a gorgeous chorus disguising quite a complex lyrical structure. '(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away' is a beautiful love song in the 'How Deep Is Your Love' style, which differs from the version recorded by the Bee Gees (a superior version, featured on Tales From The Brothers Gibb) in that there is a falsetto bridge. 'Shadow Dancing' is the first recorded track written by all four Gibb Brothers (all four brothers rarely wrote together) and is a light disco dance track, slightly repetitive, but enjoyable nonetheless. 'Why' differs from the other tracks in that it is written by Andy and Barry Gibb, with Andy listed first, suggesting he was dominant. Well, the boy has done well, because this is an excellent track, up-tempo with a nice falsetto backing vocal.

As with the previous album, the songs composed by Andy alone are less memorable. Most of the songs are, unfortunately, very bland. Gentle, inoffensive tracks that you won't remember five minutes after listening to the album. With one exception. In the song 'Melody', Andy shows that he certainly has got what it takes, with a big ballad that will tug at your heart strings. I adore that song.

Whilst his song writing is less consistent than his older brothers, one thing Andy has got going for him is his voice, which is strong and distinctive throughout the album. It is worth buying for that alone.

Why Buy Shadow Dancing?

Buy it for the songs written/co-written by Barry Gibb and for Andy's fantastic voice.