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Robin Gibb Live - Robin Gibb (2005)
Audio CD
Track Listing

1. Night Fever
2. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
3. How Deep Is Your Love
4. Nights On Broadway
5. Love Hurts
6. Massachusetts
7. My Lover's Prayer
8. New York Mining Disaster 1941
9. Please
10. Saved By the Bell
11. To Love Somebody
12. Words
13. You Win Again
14. Juliet
15. Tragedy
16. Jive Talkin'
17. Stayin' Alive

by Nicholas James

Two years after Robin Gibb released his Magnet album, he hit the road for a tour. Robin Gibb Live is his first ever live album but, like Magnet before it, this is a missed opportunity.

Robin Gibb once said in an interview that he is a "today and tomorrow person", implying that he is interested in creating new music and continually moving forward, not wishing to waste time looking to the past. Since the release of the last Bee Gees album (This Is Where I Came In) in 2001, Robin Gibb seems to be nothing but looking back. His Magnet album, whilst contemporary in sound, had only one new track composed by Mr Gibb, the remainder being songs written by others or cover versions of old songs. Then came his single with Fame Academy runner-up Alistair Griffin, a cover of a 1997 Bee Gees song, 'My Lover's Prayer' (from the Still Waters album). Now he goes on tour and, instead of mixing new and old Robin Gibb songs with a few old Bee Gees classics, it is simply another Bee Gees Greatest Hits tour, with barely any acknowledgement that this is actually a Robin Gibb tour. This even extends to the fact that he selects more Bee Gees songs that were originally sung by Barry than those that he sung lead on himself.

What is worse is that, when singing up-tempo Barry Gibb-led tracks like Tragedy, Stayin' Alive and Night Fever, he just sounds like a karaoke singer, trying to keep up. These songs don't work for Robin at all.

It isn't all bad, though. There are nice versions of 'Please' and 'Love Hurts' from the Magnet album, and 'My Lover's Prayer' is a welcome addition, as it is a Robin Gibb hit single (and I believe that his version is better than the original Bee Gees version). And, of course, there is his 1969 Number 2 solo hit, 'Saved By The Bell', which is also a good addition. 'Massachusetts' and 'New York Mining Disaster' (the latter reworked and beefed up, making it an interesting track) also work very well. But it would have been nice to have heard some more tracks from his How Old Are You album, plus anything at all from the Secret Agent and Walls Have Eyes albums. And tracks such as 'How Deep Is Your Love', 'Words' and 'You Win Again' could have been easily left off the list in favour of 'World', 'My World' and - one song that should not have been omitted - 'I Started A Joke', Robin Gibb's finest moment.

The highlight of the CD, though, is 'Juliet', Robin Gibb's European mega-hit from 1984, which really gets the crowd going wild. In fact, at the end of the CD, as Robin leaves the stage, they are still chanting the 'Juliet' melody.

Yet again, I have to give a relatively poor review to new material from Robin Gibb. This concert could have been something really special, a chance to hear Robin's excellent solo work live, interspersed with classic Robin Bee Gees songs, such as 'I Started A Joke'. That would have been something really unique and would have made this a must-have CD. Instead, we get another run-through of the same Bee Gees hits that sounded much better when the Bee Gees sang them (on Here At Last...Live or One Night Only). The sound quality isn't great either.

The concert is also available on an accompanying DVD.

Why Buy Robin Gibb Live?

To hear his solo hits, such as 'Juliet' and 'Please' live. The Bee Gees songs have been heard many times before.